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    College Student Credit Cards

    Credit Cards For College Students

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    Top 10 Tips for Taking College Exams

    10 Things to Remember on the Day of your Exam

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    Five Tips for Clear Skin in College

    Here are some great tips on how to maintain a beautiful skin in college.

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    College Study Tips for Students

    Tips on Studying at College & How to Improve Study Skills


Study Motivation

The reference to study motivation may send shivers down your spine, although it really comes down to what your motivation is in general. What do you wish to come out of your life and what do you find purpose in? I can tell all of...
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How to Focus and Concentrate

Knowing how to focus and knowing how to concentrate will depend on what type of person you are. Take a closer look at your personality type: are you Type A or are you Type B? Type A personalities usually have a higher level of stress...
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Memory Techniques

Using memory techniques to further your learning skills and improve your test scores is easy once you acknowledge how you learn best and how it will come into accordance with your taking of notes, class experience and studying away from home. These memory techniques may...
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Good Study Habits

You do realize that if you are getting negative results on your quizzes, tests and assignment grades, it is probably because you are not taking the initiative in practicing good study habits, which will determine the letter grade on your next semester transcript or report...
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Tips for Studying for College Finals

When the semester starts to wind down, and the beer supply starts to dry up, it's finals time again. Finals are the most annoying part of college life, and can be really tough to get through, especially if you didn't prepare during the rest...
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Quiet Study Spots

Finding a calm relaxing place to study is hard especially at college. You have all the all the distractions around you with parties, loud music, noisy people, and you feel like you have no where to go! But let me tell you, you do! #1- THE...
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How to Write Good College Papers

Writing papers were hard enough in high school, and it doesn’t get any easier in college! Depending on the class, sometimes a huge chunk of your grade will come from term papers. These are general strategies that have worked for many people. Read on if...
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Managing Your Money in College

Now that you are off to college, you are worry free right? NO you certainly are not. For us students that don’t have their parents transferring money into our bank accounts every month, we have to be money smart! I have had so many of my friends struggle with...
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